Medicare Corner - Surety Bond Exemptions

Medicare DMEPOS Supplier Standard #26 requires that your organization have a surety bond in order for you to obtain or retain your billing privileges. While there are strict guidelines as to who is considered exempt from this requirement, Palmetto GBA provides a list of the criteria required for exemption eligibility.

Please note that your facility must meet ALL of the following requirements to be considered eligible for an exemption.

You must:

  • Have state-licensed orthotic and prosthetic personnel (see ABC’s State Licensure Map to see if your state requires licensure)
  • Be a private practice making custom orthotics and/or prosthetics
  • Be solely-owned and operated by orthotic and prosthetic personnel
  • Be billing only for orthotics and prosthetics

This information can be particularly helpful if you are looking to open a new O&P facility in a licensure state. For more information regarding this exemption or general requirements for DMEPOS billing privileges, click here. Be sure to also check out the exemption chart on Palmetto’s website to further help you determine whether or not you meet the criteria for exemption.

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