Workplace Culture Resources Page Now Available!

With so many great resources available to help create a positive workplace culture, we decided it would make it easier for you to find and utilize these resources if they were in one place. These tools cover various workplace culture topics – from understanding the impacts of sexual harassment and discrimination, to communication, employee retention and recognition, to navigating current cultural climates, company policies and more. 

According to a recent Glassdoor Economic Research article on workplace trends for 2022, Glassdoor predicts that “…2022 will center on navigating the new normal and employees’ elevated power in this tight labor market. Those who succeed will be those companies who embrace the opportunities to rethink old ways of hiring, employee engagement and how business is done.” Forbes Magazine has deemed 2022 The Year of Workplace Culture. There’s no doubt that workplace culture should be a priority moving forward. 

If your business hasn’t recently examined its own workplace culture, now is the time! We hope this new hub for workplace culture resources will help those in the OP&P profession learn and grow. 

Check out our Workplace Culture Resources page.

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