2022 Expirees

If your facility’s expiration date is in 2022, your online application will be due this year. October 31 expirees applications are due June 1!

To submit your online application, please login to your facility’s MY ABC account. Please note that your renewal application is different from your annual fee. Both are required to maintain your accreditation.

If you are currently past-due in submitting your renewal application, please sign into your facility’s MY ABC account and submit your online renewal application ASAP to avoid further delays.

2022 Annual Fees

Annual fees for accredited facilities and individuals were due by December 1, 2021. If you haven’t submitted your annual fee yet, you have been removed from the online directory and the weekly Medicare report. Contact us immediately to ensure that you are reinstated at 703-836-7114. Ensure your payments are received by the deadline so that your facility remains on the online directory and on the weekly report to Medicare.

Keep Your Records Updated

Make sure you’re not missing out on any ABC news by verifying your contact information through your facility's MY ABC account. Remember - you can update your facility’s contact information and personnel, access the Compliance Kit and lots more all in your facility’s MY ABC account.

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