There's a Resource for That!

Whether you are new to ABC accreditation compliance or preparing for renewal, you are probably wondering if there is any information to help you meet the requirements. Whatever you need help with, there’s probably a resource for it! We’ve got lots of great resources to help make your accreditation compliance process as easy as possible. You may already be utilizing some of these resources, but do you know about them all? Take a look at our Resource Rundown to see what’s new and if there’s anything you may have missed.

Resource Rundown

Accreditation Guide – Your #1 resource (of course!) that includes all of the standards along with tips on how to comply with each. If you haven’t checked out the latest version, be sure to see if any of the tips can make compliance easier.

Big Picture Resources

• Relevant Standards Tool 
• What to Expect During Your Survey
• Top 10 Overlooked Items
• Annual Facility Review Checklist 
• Past Facilitator E-Newsletters

Topic Specific Resources

Compliance Kit Resource Pack, which includes:
*Facility Login Required


• OIG Exclusion Checklist (AD.5.1)
• Patient Acknowledgement Form

Human Resources

• Employee Verification (HR.2, 4.1 and 4.2)
• Instructions for Establishing Privileging Criteria (HR.6 and 6.1)
• Individual Privileging Record Template (HR.6 and 6.1)
• Employee Performance Evaluation Form (HR.7)
• Assessment of Employee Continued Competency (HR.7)
• Privileging Guide *NEW for 2020

Product Safety

• Equipment Maintenance Log (PS.3.1 and PS.12)

Performance Management

• Free Sample Patient Satisfaction Survey (PM.2)
• How to Write and Analyze Customer Satisfaction Surveys (PM.2.1)
• Guide to Patient Satisfaction Trends
• Billing and Coding Error Report (PM.6)

Facility Safety

• Safety Management Checklist (FS.1.1)
• Fire Emergency Drill Documentation (FS.3.2.1 and 3.2.2)
• Disaster Preparedness Resources(FS.3.3)

Claims and Billing

• Billing Education Documentation (CB.3)
• Patient Chart Audit Form (CB.4 and 4.1)
• Patient Care
• Patient Care Communication Log


• Medicare Patient Phone Surveys
• Medicare Complaint Form
• CAP FAQ Flyer
• Sample Referral Thank You Card
• Sample Accreditation Press Release
• Government Regulations Quick Reference Guide *NEW for 2020

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