Change of Ownership – How it Affects Your Accreditation

The type of ownership that is right for your business depends on your unique situation. As your business changes, so might your business or ownership structure. It is imperative that you know how this change may affect your facility accreditation.

Any business that changes its structure in any way must reapply for ABC Accreditation and a new on-site inspection. If you sell your ABC accredited facility to another individual or company, your accreditation is NOT transferable.

You must reapply for accreditation and be surveyed if:

  • You are adding owners
  • You are changing the type of company (e.g. LLC to Inc.)
  • You are moving from or to a Sole Proprietorship
  • You are offering additional scopes of service, including a change from AAD to DME
  • You are moving locations
  • You have bought or opened a new facility (accreditation is NOT transferrable)

You must notify ABC but do NOT need to apply for resurvey if:

  • You are changing your name but company structure and ID numbers remain the same.
  • You are expanding your staff
  • You are removing a scope of practice
  • You are removing an owner

What you’ll need to do if your ownership is changing:

  • Within 30 days of the bill of sale, notify ABC
  • Reapply for accreditation when new ownership begins
  • Provide documentation indicating the new owner
  • Be resurveyed
  • Inform CMS so that all information is being reported correctly
  • Apply online at – Log in to your facility account for access

If you have any questions regarding how a change in your business may affect your accreditation, please contact ABC at (703) 836-7114 and ask to speak with one of our knowledgeable facility accreditation team members or email your questions to

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