The Professional Ethics Committee regularly reviews complaints which can result in suspensions, revocations or probations. In addition, the Committee delivers cease & desist orders to individuals or facilities that it learns are improperly representing ABC certification or accreditation titles.

2023 PEC Sanctions

Total Complaints:
Suspensions, Revocations or probations:
Cease & Desist Orders:

Ortho Engineering, Revocation of accreditation, January
Nathaniel Jackson, Revocation of CO, C.Ped., March / Reinstated May

Mark Selleck,
Revocation of CPO, October

2022 PEC Sanctions

Total Complaints:31
Suspensions, Revocations or probations:11
Cease & Desist Orders:27

Zachary Block, Suspension of CPO, August / Reinstated September
Thomas Lizotte, Suspension of CPO, September / Reinstated February 2023

2021 PEC Sanctions

Total Complaints:34
Suspensions, Revocations or probations:9
Cease & Desist Orders:9

Michael Openshaw, Suspension of CPO, July / Reinstated September 2022 
Alexander Prosthetics & Orthotics, Revocation of accreditation eligibility, November
Stephen Kirk Wilson, Suspension of CO, December 
Dale S.L. Sheen, Suspension of CO, December 
William Michael Truesdale, Revocation of CP, December

2020 PEC Sanctions

Total Complaints:22
Suspensions, Revocations or probations:6
Cease & Desist Orders:9

Timothy W. Hamilton, Revocation of CO, March 
Stan F. Reeves, Revocation of CPed, October 
John R. Balzer, Revocation of CO, November  

2019 PEC Sanctions

Total Complaints: 20
Suspensions, Revocations or probations:6
Cease & Desist Orders:26

Benta J. Fries, Revocation of CFm, April
The Pain Center USA, Revocation of accreditation, May 
Steven A. St. Lucia, Revocation of CPed, July
Sonya Raishevich, Suspension of CFm, July 
Nathan P. LaPerriere, Suspension of certification eligibility, November / Eligibility reinstated October 2021 

2018 PEC Sanctions

Total Complaints:17
Suspensions, Revocations or probations:4
Cease & Desist Orders:12

William J. Messer, Suspension of CO credential, August